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Project Description
Out of the Box SharePoint permits the backup of a site collection using the stsadm command line.
The problem that I found with that is that I need to manually specify the path for each site collection that I want backed up and at the end I don't get any e-mail notification to know if anythig was backed up correctly or if something went wrong.

So I have put togheter a small .NET utility that runs on the SharePoint server and backups all site collections to files.
It is able to keep history and send email to administrator.
The configuration is done through a config file.
You can specify the following in the config file:
* Farm Name
* Root Folder for the backup files
* Backup History in Days
* If you want to backup the administrative sites too.

I find this app very usefull if you have many site collections, as MySites, and you want to backed the up separatelly.
You can schedule this app using Windows Scheduler to run every night.

Now for the restore of the site collections just use the "stsadm -o restore" command.

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